TwizyX : boost your Twizy

Improve acceleration and top speed

In version 45 as in the 80, we can say that the Twizy seriously lacks punch! How about a little boost? Go to 80km/h on the Twizy 45 and more than 100km/h for version 80.

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Chiptuned Twizy Technic 80

Electronic modification

No part is to replace!

Reprogramming is exclusively electronic, meaning that it isn't necessary to change any parts, but also that the manipulation is fully reversible.

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Macbook with chiptuning software

Mechanics respectful

Changes within the limits set by the manufacturer.

We consider data's provided by manufacturers and we respect the limitations imposed by them. This prevents any damage or dysfunction

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Renault Twizy documentation representation

Twizy 2016 and after: available!

Unleashing 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 models is now possible!

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2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Twizy Tuning!

In 3 easy steps

With the supplied tuningkit, no specific computer knowledge or mechanics is required. Within minutes and with ease, your Twizy will be tuned.

Plug chiptuning kit in Twizy OBD port


Connect the unit to the vehicle throught On Board Diagnostic connector located in the left glove box.

Upload tuned software in SEVCON

Upload of custom software

The new configuration is being transferred to your Twizy. It takes less than 10 minutes.

Enjoy your tuned Twizy

Enjoy your TwizyX

Your Twizy is now fully upgraded. Have a look and enjoy the performance.


Because nothing is more representative than a graph

Performance of a Twizy 45

  • Top speed : 47 km/h to 80km/h

  • Acceleration (0 - 50km/h) : 7,6s to 6,1s

  • Torque : 32,6nm to 40nm

  • Throttle latency : 100ms to 13ms

Performance of a Twizy 80

  • Top speed : 83 km/h to more than 100 km/h

  • Acceleration (0 - 50km/h) : 6,0s to 5s

  • Torque : 57nm to 80nm

  • Throttle latency : 100ms to 13ms


Nous disposons de plusieurs tarifs, choisissez une configuration standard ou une configuration plus sportive en fonction de vos besoins... et de vos envies !

TwizyX 45

    TwizyX Technology
  • €299
  • Top speed : 80km/h
  • Lets not interfere in traffic
  • 4.9 114

TwizyX 80

    TwizyX Technology
  • €299
  • Top speed : 93km/h
  • Better accelerations (+25% torque)
  • 4.9 114

TwizyX 80 Sport

    TwizyX Technology
  • €349
  • Top speed : around 100km/h
  • The Ultimate solution in term of performance (+45% torque)
  • 4.9 114

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What does our clients say ?

Because, at TwizyX, customers satisfaction is top one priority.

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"Really nice tuning for my Twizy 80, faster, better acceleration... pure pleasure driving it ! Just do it, you won't regret !"

Herman F. Twizy 80 - Frankfurt

"Best twizy tuning ever tried for this price. Nothing to say, good service, good communication and good product."

Dawid K. Twizy 80 - London

"My Twizy is now cruising at 80kph, what a change... Now problem at this time, works well and Florian from TwizyX is really helpful and answer all your questions, related to the tuning and the vehicle in itself. Thanks for all"

Lucy M. Twizy 45 - Rotterdam

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